To have our own design store has long been a dream for Sophie and myself.

Finally The Whole Nine Yards is up and going. We opened our store in temporary premises until our new store at 209 Chapel St in Masterton was completed in May 2017. We have been very lucky as our landlords let us redesign the whole space including a new front façade and we have had carte blanche with all the interior and exterior colours and flooring options, thus the space is as close to our ideal as possible.

The new front windows draw your eye and make you wish to enter and see further all the temping treats that lie in store. The covered veranda gives a lovely feel to the front of the store. With both steps and a ramp we cater for all needs for those who enter into our store. The shop is light and bright and even on the dullest winters’ day the space makes you smile.

What do we do you may ask… well as our sign says we design, furnish, drape and embellish. We can help you from the planning stages of a new home or renovation to giving you guidance on making the most of the special room or feel you wish to create in your home.

At The Whole Nine Yards we pride ourselves on our service. We hope to make all our clients smile each and every day that they spend in their unique environment, so home feels relaxed and welcoming.

The Whole Nine Yards is a great name that lends us to trying a few things off the grid. Sophie and I love clothes, why not sell them too? We try to have two fabulous clothing labels in store: Helga May and Lace. Both of our designers like something a little out of the ordinary and their clothes reflect this with some quirky touches. These clothes are quite timeless as they seem to be able to move from trend to trend with only a change of shoes, scarf, brooch or necklace, needed to move to the next level. Just what we all need, favourites that become ongoing treasures that we reach for again and again.

The Whole Nine Yards is filled with colour, texture and vibrancy. Sophie and I are both passionate about what we do and I feel that reflects in the style and advice that we share to all our wonderful customers.